Exim Advisory Services Group (EAS)

• The Exim Advisory Services [EAS] offers a diverse range of information, advisory and support services, which enable Exporters and Importer to evaluate international risks, exploit Export opportunities and improve competitiveness. Value added information and support services are provided to projects Exporters on the projects funded by any International Funder.

• The Advisor undertakes customized research on behalf of interested companies in the areas such as establishing market potential, defining marketing arrangements, and specifying market distribution channels. Developing Export market entry plans, facilitating accomplishment of international quality certification and display of products in trade fairs and exhibitions are other services provided.

• The Exim Credit Bank (ECB) provides a wide range of information, advisory and support services, which complement its financing programmers. These services are provided on a fee basis to any companies and overseas entities. The scope of services includes market-related information, sector and feasibility studies, technology supplier identification, partner search, investment facilitation and development of joint ventures both in Local and abroad. During the year, the Bank provided a range of services to companies. Information in the form of a list of importers / Exporters across different industries and sectors was provided to firms active in international trade

Exim Credit Bank (ECB) as an Advisor

• The Bank’s experience in evolving as an institution supporting international trade and investment, in addition to functioning as an Exim credit agency in a developing country context, is of particular relevance in other developing countries. The Exim Credit Bank (ECB) has been sharing its experience and expertise by undertaking consultancy assignments. Exim Credit Bank (ECB) also shares its experience and expertise through provision of on-site exchange of personnel programs aimed at providing a first-hands experience to the employees of its institutional partners.