In addition to the traditional Export credit agency-financed facilities, as an alternative solution, Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) also offers forfaiting to its customers. Forfaiting means the purchase, without recourse, of bank-guaranteed receivables from Export sales, transforming a deferred-payment transaction into a prompt-payment one, and thus relieving the Exporter from the
- commercial,
- country (political and transfer),
- exchange rate, and
- collection
risks arising from the receivable.

The Export receivables must be embodied or guaranteed by an unconditional, irrevocable banker instrument (e.g. deferred-payment letter of credit, bank guarantee). If the bank concerned is acceptable, there is no need for any additional securities. The transaction can be concluded quickly and requires only simple documentation, so there are no substantial administrative and legal costs.

The trends of recent years show that it is increasingly difficult for Exporters to enter into arrangements with their customers under which the latter provide a bank guarantee or deferred-payment letter of credit as security for the deferred payment. It is with these situations in mind that Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) and ECI Trade Insurance, EDFS jointly offer a facility in which the insurer provides insurance (Facility C for the Exporter, and Facility CF for the bank), and the bank purchases the receivables with this insurance serving as security for the transaction.