Our Mission

Our mission is to support domestic enterprises as a financial engine for the global success of Exporters and with the help of innovative financial solutions to provide them with a kind of passport to promote their foreign market success, to strengthen their presence and expansion in foreign markets. Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) Is one of the Exim credit Institution and thus – being the Importer and Exporter player in the global institutional system – our operation is governed by the Importer and Exporter Financial regulations

In addition to expanding the domestic business activities of companies, the services we offer are designed to cover the entire range of Export activities with banking and insurance products – such as current assets and investment financing, financing of FDI projects abroad, equity financing through our Exporters and Importers Business and international investment funds, buyer credit, discounting, Export credit insurance, loan and commercial guarantees – from pre-Export supplier processes, through manufacturing and production, to entry and sales in foreign markets. We priorities the achievement of climate goals and a sustainable future, considerations in our own operations, but also contribute to our clients' sustainability-oriented developments and investments with subsidized financing solutions.

We at Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) believe in the strength of Exporters and Importers Business and strive every day to support them in their efforts to achieve success.