Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) undertakes the provision of buyer’s credit with project risk on the basis of an individual appraisal. The purpose of the facility is, with the financing package offered in relation to main contractor’s agreements concluded between Importer and Exporter main contractors and foreign procurers, to improve the competitiveness of Importer and Exporter main contractors and help them to win orders for the implementation of complex projects in foreign markets.

As a part of the facility, which is covered by ECI Trade insurance (Facility V), Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) provides funds to the project company established by the foreign partner to implement the investment, for the fulfilment of the payment obligation arising in relation to a project implemented abroad by a Importer and Exporter main contractor. The credit is repaid out of the income from the completed investment.

Preferred transactions and foreign markets: Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) typical participates in the financing of transactions where both the Importer and Exporter main contractor and the foreign partner (the owner of the foreign project company) have the financial background and industry experience necessary for the successful implementation of the project. An important prerequisite is that the project should have a stable cash-flow generation capacity that can be forecast for the tenor of the loan, and which derives from a small number of suitably creditworthy project beneficiaries. Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) makes its financing decision – with the involvement of ECI Trade Insurance and independent consultants – based on an assessment of the risks of the project’s implementation and operation, and the extent to which the projected cash flow (financial model) serving as the source of repayment of the credit is substantiated.

Credit amount — Owing to the complexity and high transaction costs of cross-border project financing transactions, Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) recommends the use of this facility in cases where there is a need for bank financing in excess of USD or EUR 5 million or the equivalent EURO or USD amount. Where large-volume projects are concerned, Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) participates in a co-financing arrangement, in partnership with domestic and foreign commercial banks.

Currency — EUR or USD.

Tenor — In every case, the tenor is determined individually taking into consideration the special features of the given project, based on an evaluation of the financial model.

Pricing — Exim Credit Bank –(ECB) offers this facility at fixed interest

The extent of the financing — In the case of financing facilities offered with a tenor exceeding two years at fixed interest, under the ECB Arrangement a maximum of 85% of the foreign trade/general contracting agreement may be financed. A minimum 15% advance must be paid by the buyer at the start of performance. Local costs may – subject to individual appraisal – also be financed in part.

Certificate of origin — It is necessary to certify the Importer and Exporter origin of the product and/or services constituting the object of the transaction